The visit of the Mayor of Kutno in the Foundry!

On 07 February 2019 for the first time we had the honour to play host to the Mayor of Kutno, Zbigniew Burzyński, Deputy Mayor Jacek Boczkaja and Deputy Head for development and investor service – Maciej Kostrzewa. The special guests were guided by the President of the Management Board – Piotr Tomczyk and the Board Member – Rafał Durkiewicz themselves.

The visit started from presentation of the Odlewnia Kutno company, where our guests had the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the origin of the production plant establishment, our development plans, as well as with the current employment data.  We also had a pleasure to bring the company’s core activity closer to our Guests, as well as our suppliers, clients and contractors portfolio. After the presentation, the Kutno’s officials along with the Management Board went to visit production halls to explore casting production process and to see how the real work on particular positions looks like. At the end of the visit, in the P1 hall canteen, the meeting with employees was held, where every participant had a unique opportunity to talk to our Guests and to the Management Board and to ask some questions.  The discussed matters regarded, among others, to access road modernisation and possibility of construction of city public transport stop at Sklęczkowska street.

The meeting was highly productive.  We are glad the Mayor of Kutno along with his associates had the chance to see the company’s development dynamics and learn more about our ambitious plan for the future.

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