Kutno Foundry – a sponsor of the 44th Rose Festival in Kutno

On 7-9 September a social and cultural event, very important for Kutno, took place – the 44th Rose Festival. The event programme included many attractions, among others: concerts of such artists as Maryla Rodowicz, Sarsa, Coma, Łąki Łan, as well as florist shows, outdoor rose fairs, animation for children, funfair and many others. Organisation of the event was supported by the Kutno Foundry, which was one of the event’s sponsors and main founder of prizes – a golden and silver rose for winners of rose contests within the Polish Rose Exhibition. The contests were split into two categories – professional breeders and amateurs. The prizes were hand made by the Foundry’s workers themselves: Aleksander Wójcik and Mirosław Zieliński. We would like to thank our employees, their families and all the citizens of Kutno for a great fun.

See you next year!